Translation in auctioneer

  • Hello,
    I would like to report a translation error.
    Here are the most important points:

    • Screenshot:
    • Exact text content that needs to be corrected: Единиц Кристалл имеет значение 1.5
    • (Game version): 5.8.6-1
    • Point in the game where it appears: Auctioneer
    • What exactly should be changed:
      In english it sounds like "Each Crystal unit has a value of 1.5." In russian must be something like "Каждая единица кристалла имеет ценность/вес/значение 1.5". And in metal, deuter and honour tooltips again too.

    Kind regards

  • Каждая единица ресурса Очки чести имеет ценность 100.

    This is very funny)
    Honour points is not a resource.
    Correct will be

    Каждое Очко чести имеет ценность 100.

  • Thank you, however we can't translate for all ressources correctly in RU.
    We use variables for resources here which can't be changed that's why we have to leave it as it is now. Thanks.