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  • Каждая единица ресурса Очки чести имеет ценность 100.

    This is very funny)
    Honour points is not a resource.
    Correct will be

    Каждое Очко чести имеет ценность 100.
  • Translation in auctioneer


    I would like to report a translation error.
    Here are the most important points:
    • Screenshot:
    • Exact text content that needs to be corrected: Единиц Кристалл имеет значение 1.5
    • (Game version): 5.8.6-1
    • Point in the game where it appears: Auctioneer
    • What exactly should be changed:
      In english it sounds like "Each Crystal unit has a value of 1.5." In russian must be something like "Каждая единица кристалла имеет ценность/вес/значение 1.5". And in metal, deuter and honour tooltips again too.

    Kind regards